After Carnival, Salvador Bahia Airport reaches its peak in works

After Carnival, Salvador Bahia Airport reaches its peak in works

With the end of the high season, that reaches its apex with Carnival, Salvador Bahia Airport reaches its peak in works. The total number of workers has increased from 1,055 to 1,200. 56% of the interventions have already been completed.

The renovation of the check-in counters will resume in March. It is expected that by August all positions will be in line format, which must extend the space available for the movement of passengers and the streamline the flow inside the Terminal.

The corridor between the domestic and international shipping areas will be the next area to receive interventions. The corridor will be moved so as to provide more space and greater comfort to passengers in the boarding area. In addition to the replacement of the electrical system and the site's cooling system, a fire-fighting system will be installed, as well as the replacement of the conventional light bulbs by LED ones.


At the end of March, the new set of four elevators and four escalators next to the Food Court will be released to users. Faster, the elevators will accommodate up to 26 people, and feature energy-saving and sustainability resources, plus LED lighting with automatic operating sensors. By the end of the first stage of the works, there will be 11 elevators and nine escalators of the new model.

With the new equipment, circulation between floors will be improved. Two elevators will carry exclusively passengers between the ground floor and the first floor, allowing quick access to the check-in area. Another two will move between the first and second floors, taking passengers to the domestic and international pre-boarding area. The change will bring more agility to travel.

After the installation of the new elevators and escalators, the old equipment will be removed and the structure occupied by them demolished. The space that should become available will be used to enlarge the Food Square by 40% in the second phase of the works.

In April, passengers will feel significant changes in the Terminal. Domestic pre-boarding will be carried out on the second floor, not more on the first one. A new area has been renewed exclusively to meet this change in flow.

In August, domestic and international pre-boarding will be unified, following a global change in the airport business. The increase in the number of screening machines will make the passengers flow faster. Another action implemented to accelerate boarding was the renovation of two boarding gates in March, with the replacement of the fingers.

Also in April, part of the expansion area of the airport will also be opened, where new commercial options for passengers, both in food, retail and services will be concentrated in the future. There will be 2 thousand square meters inside the boarding area occupied by a commercial mix that includes a Duty Paid shop, concentrating international and national brands, and other establishments. The stores will start operating progressively along the year.

After the completion of the infrastructure preparation works, the new Cold Water Plant (CAG, in Portuguese) should be operational by mid-April. The equipment, crucial to the functioning of the cooling system, is more efficient and should result in the reduction of energy consumption. It is also able to automatically adjust the temperature according to the Terminal demand.

About the works

Salvador Bahia Airport has been undergoing modernization and expansion works since April 2018. The interventions include improvements required as per the Concession Agreement and others by VINCI Airports' own initiative.

As described in the contract, the works are divided into two phases:

1B - concentrates 90% of the interventions required by the National Agency for Civilian Aviation (ANAC) should last until October 31, 2019

1C - will be carried out between November 1, 2019, and October 31, 2021

Phase 1B of the works at the Airport started in April 2018 and has already 56% of the works completed. In this first phase, about 700 million reais – around 180mi USD - have been invested, split between its own resources and those coming from a financing agreement with BNB Bank.

Of the interventions envisaged, the following have already been delivered:

  • The renovation of the auxiliary runway and taxiways, which includes the adaptation of the auxiliary runway to international regulations; the expansion of the taxiway infrastructure that makes up the system and the construction of a runway safety area (RESA).
  • The renovation of all energy substations with modern and automatic panels and the acquisition of new generator sets, bringing greater reliability to the system (not required in the Concession Agreement).
  • The new office space and airlines sales counters and 60% of check-in area in a brand new layout.
  • An Effluent Treatment Station with 99% efficiency (not required in the Concession Agreement).
  • Two of the 13 new sets of toilets and water fountains refrigerated and with new visual identity standards (not required in the Concession Agreement).
  • The replacement of conventional LED lighting in all areas that have already refurbished (not required in the Concession Agreement).

By the end of the year the following will be delivered:

  • Expansion area (22 thousand m²): with new commercial infrastructure and a new pier with 6 new boarding gates
  • The renovation of the main runway, including the recapping, improvements to the shoulder and horizontal signalling, adjustments to the runways and the implementation of the Runway End Safety Area (RESA).
  • New baggage handling and security inspection systems
  • The expansion of the aircraft parking area in 29 thousand m²
  • The renovation of the refrigeration system, which includes the installation of new coolers, a Cold Water Central and new Air-conditioning piping
  • The renovation of the 9 existing fingers, bringing more comfort and operational safety
  • The installation of a new fire prevention and control system
  • A new Solid Waste Central
  • A reusable water system and the installation of photovoltaic panels

To the phase 1C are predicted:

  • The expansion and retrofit of the Food Court
  • Two additional fingers
  • Ten extra check-in counters