Sustainability: recycled hoarding walls hold art exhibition at Salvador Airport

Sustainability: recycled hoarding walls hold art exhibition at Salvador Airport

The joint of sustainability with artistic intervention has resulted in the exhibition “Art is in the Air”, hosted by Salvador Airport. The initiative consists on recycling hoarding walls used at the modernization works at the Terminal, as a base to paintings and drawings inspired in the state of Bahia. The project’s curator is artist Elano Passos, that signs the panels along with invited artists Ronald Lago and Alexandre Feliciano.


“The purpose of the exhibition is to bring art to the airport through recycling hoarding walls that would be discarded. So, we transform this space into a gallery showing works of art inspired in Bahia tourist attractions. We are promoting this talented artists and Bahia’s identity while giving a new meaning to those objects”, says Salvador Airport CEO, Julio Ribas.


The exhibition brings to the airport more than 30 works of art. The paintings are disposed in different spots of the terminal, an appealing invitation for a break between departures and arrivals. They will be relocated according to the renovation works progress, moving the paintings to new areas needed to be isolated.


In line with the future


Salvador Airport has sustainability as a fundamental value to its operations. In January 2019, it was awarded with ACA (Airport Carbon Accreditation) certification. The facility was the first one in North/ Northeast area and the second in Brazil to get this recognition, that grants in 4 steps efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in airports. 

Since Salvador Airport was integrated to VINCI Airports’ network, on January 2 2018, an effluent treatment plant and a waste management center were built there. Currently, there are some initiatives in progress, such as: the installation of a new, more energy efficient air conditioning and ventilation system, change of old light bulbs to led ones, besides the installation of a solar plant, that should cover the expanded area’s electricity needs.


About the exhibition


In the exhibition “Art is in the air”, the simplicity and pureness of white and black Elano's traces is mixed with the colors of two other artists also from Bahia, Ronald Lago and Alexandre Feliciano. The panels are colored with Bahia cultural, architectonic and natural elements. They are available to 25 thousand passengers per day - Salvador Airport average daily flow.


About Salvador Airport


Located in the capital of the state of Bahia and the first ever capital of Brazil, Salvador Airport is one of the ten busiest airports in the country. In 2018, the facility served more than 8 million passengers travelling towards about 30 destinations, domestic and international included.


Salvador Airport joined the VINCI Airports network on January 2 2018, through a Concession contract lasting up to 2047. Aiming to improve passengers experience and provide better services to airlines, VINCI Airports launched an ambitious investment plan to modernize and expand the airport. The first phase of works, which includes the construction of a new 20,000 sqm departure area and the refurbishment of the existing terminal, is expected to be completed in October 2019.

About VINCI Airports


VINCI Airports, a top five global player in the international airport sector, manages the development and operation of 46 airports in France, Portugal (including the Lisbon hub), the United Kingdom, Sweden, Serbia, Cambodia, Japan, the United States, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Chile and Brazil. Served by more than 250 airlines, VINCI Airports’ network handled 195,2 million passengers in 2018. Through its expertise as a comprehensive integrator, VINCI Airports develops, finances, builds and operates airports, leveraging its investment capacity, international network and know-how to optimize the management and performance of existing airport infrastructure, facility extensions and new-build construction projects. More comprehensive information is available on