Vinci Airports Spotters Day: learn stories of people who are passionate by the aircraft universe

Vinci Airports Spotters Day: learn stories of people who are passionate by the aircraft universe

Bahian Carlos Junqueira and Chilean Ricardo Delpiano are fascinated by flights, landings and takeoffs

One is a 39-year-old-Chilean who is a political scientist and aviation analyst at an airline company. The other one is 25-year-old-Bahian who is a designer and works for a technology company. What do they have in common? The interest in the aviation world and a passion for photographing aircrafts.

For this reason, Ricardo Delpiano and Carlos Junqueira are part of a community called 'the spotters' and will participate on September 28th of the 1st Spotter Day Latin America, promoted by VINCI Airports at airports under its management in the region.  The VINCI Airports Spotters Day is a moment to gather these aviation fanatics and give them exclusive access to the backstage of the airport and the airside, providing a unique experience for them. In that opportunity, they will also learn all the expertise and technical know-how involved in the operations of all VINCI Airport’s facilities.

The action takes place here at Salvador Bahia Airport as well as at Nuevo Pudahuel (Santiago, Chile) and Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic) airports. Three spotters, one of each country, were chosen to travel to take part in the event of other airport, celebrating, that way, the connection within VINCI Airport’s network. The exchange is an initiative held by Salvador Bahia Airport, Nuevo Pudahuel and Latam Airlines. 

Native from Salvador, Carlos Junqueira has been awarded by the initiative to get to know the Dominican Republic Airport and to gain access to both the runway and the apron area to ensure clicks and depictions of aircrafts from unique angles. Mr. Junqueira does not hide the happiness in being able to participate in this moment. “I am looking forward to getting to know the country, the spotters there, the local culture and take lots of photos. It will be enriching,” he reveals.

A rookie in the hobby of photographing airplanes, Carlos also commented on the expectation to represent the community of Bahian spotters in this action by VINCI Airports. “I don't have those many photos yet and the ones I took I have already used to put together a personal collection. Now that I'm starting to tell other people about it and being able to represent airplane lovers this is going to be an amazing experience,” he says.

Carlos' interest in the air world has arisen from his travels. “I love to travel and would always be imagining behind the scenes of airports and curiosities about airplanes,” he says and adds: “My dream is to get to know the cockpit and take photos of this part of the plane. Another wish I have is to participate in the opening of some flight, when they do the baptism of the aircraft.”

Chile with Bahia – While Carlos boards to the Dominican Republic to participate in Spotter Day in that country, directly from Santiago, Chile, Ricardo comes to Salvador to check the activities of the event in Salvador. An educated political scientist it is among aircrafts that this Chilean has found his true calling.

His involvement with the aviation world is such that, in addition to working in this area today, he has founded the Spotter Chile Association, which brings together other aficionados like him, and is the creator and editor of website, which specializes in information about airlines and airports.

Salvador Bahia Airport expects to welcome more than 50 spotters on the 28th. The program will start with breakfast, followed by a tour of the new areas of the airport. There will also be presentations of capoeira and samba de roda, in order to welcome and show a little of the local culture to the spotters coming from outside the state and the country. The highlight of the event will be the access to the operating area, where the apron area and the runways are located. The event will be closed early in the afternoon, with regional foods served on food bikes.

Aviation and photography enthusiasts who wish to join Salvador Bahia Airport's spotter community should email

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Located in the capital of Bahia and the first Brazilian capital, Salvador Bahia Airport is among the ten busiest airports in the country. During the year 2018, more than 8 million passengers traveled through the terminal to about 30 destinations with direct connections between domestic and international flights.

Salvador Bahia Airport was integrated into the VINCI Airports network on January 2nd, 2018, through a Concession Agreement, lasting until 2047. In order to offer a better experience to its passengers and better service to airlines, VINCI Airports has started an ambitious investment plan to modernize and expand the airport. The first phase of the works, which includes the construction of a new area of 20,000 m² and the refurbishment of the existing terminal will be completed in October 2019.

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